Back in Blue: The FixTape 3

by Dante LaSalle

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Back in Blue: The FixTape 3 is the third project in Dante LaSalle's FixTape series. Back in Blue is a loosely connected narrative about the hopelessness and strength of focus that fills Detroit and south eastern Michigan. Executive Produced by Dante LaSalle & Doc Adam


released July 6, 2010

producers: Doc Adam, Rob Viktum, Deck, Peace Of Mind, Ben Price, Dante Cope, Excentrik...
vocals: Dante LaSalle, Draztik, D. Allie, Aztek, Dante Cope



Track Name: Greener Grasses
1st Verse: Back in the day I could never pay to play,
and in a way it made me 'poor boy bitter'.
Today I get paid to play and paved the way
w/ two bare hands, pitching no hitters..
I blow better. No need to listen close,
cause this here throat, It Never No Stutter!
Singing at the rain but i'm still a stone spitter.
So centered, no pennant, let's go get it.
Nowadays we're forced to pace aggression,
up hill, both ways, in any direction.
Waging war, every battle's precious.
We don't pick fights, we take punches.

Dying, dying. dead since the final factory faded to greener grasses
still alive and now surprises
so alive and no surprises
no alarms and no surprises here.
Track Name: Beat Shot Bastards
There's many rhythms on a record, only one groove.
Beatshot bastards, back a show to boot.
Lake effect, wait a sec,
Track Name: Paint Bridge Black
Finished texting Jessica, i'll miss my sisters but i gotta go.
Parked at Xoximilco's, left my keys for Mario. I'm in the barrio as Mexicans inspect my rusty bicycle; expecting a spectacle they'll respect the exit I pull.
Pulled out on to Bagley barely able to pedal.
Puddles of pity welled up in me, didn't see that rig - it nearly hit me.
Couldn't hear his skidding tires singing, my head's already ringing from this thing inside telling me to take a ride. Pushing on I'm dashing past the border patrol, rolling fast pace and they gave chase, but i'm already gone.
Got to reach the peak of bridge, the last escape for this helpless kid. I didn't know which way to take, luckily my GPS did...
Track Name: Artificial Heart
I been told a thousand times i'm out of time...
Track Name: D's Dumb Shit
Had the parachute pants as 4th grader
banana seat bike sporting space invaders
picked on by chicks in the 5th grade
spilling on my lunch, calling me a mistake
bus stop beefin with a bully
dotted his eye, now i'm sitting in the cool seat
high tops are PayLess, so i'm stressed...
hiding inside at recess
off the bus one way to go
straight to Wild Bill's for that 40cent Faygo
wet brown bag, banana seat bike,
bottle broke and i'm balling till I can't see right
Yo, Monique told pops and he's pissed
raced her home and stepped in dog shit
walked in and got my ass whipped
cause i was 10 yrs old doing dumb shit.
Track Name: Weigh Me Down
there's several different levels of hell for the helpless rapper
apt to submission after capture, into duck sickin
coward, quick to give in
latching at his captor with that butt kissin
stuck with cupping hands when asking for a pot to piss in
prison is a vision, compared to freedom how he lives it,
as for bringing home bacon he's taking breaks in momma's kitchen
given half a chance at mannishness, he says "wait"
as he changes monthly bandages and smashes on cake
even my gayest brethren take exception, no lying,
like, "who's this whining thumb sucking, crying, something in my eyeing type actor with the half ass accent? - that's a rapper??"
Fuck this 2 bit braggard's lilly white flag swagger..
he'd rather give up than get up, so toss him out.
weigh me down let you drown, man - push him off the bow!
you rather give up than get up? get out now
before we chop your soft hands off and stuff 'em in your mouth.
Track Name: Said and Done
I've seen the world in all it's pain still i'd rather have you back
because when it's all said and done, i wanna be where you're at

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